Wear Winter Well

How to care well for your skin during our cold, dry winter? Try these tips:



1. Keep skin HYDRATED, with a revitalizing spritzer:

      2. Keep skin REFRESHED & CLEAR, with an exfoliating scrub:

      3. And for even better results...start with a deep detoxifying mask:

      4. Keep skin NOURISHED, with a moisture boosting oil:

      5. Keep skin MOISTURIZED, with a high emollient face cream:

      6. Keep lips PROTECTED, with Moisture Burst lip balm (choose from 5)


      HANDS & BODY

      1. Keep skin SMOOTH and SOFT, with a cleansing exfoliating bar:

      2. Keep skin DEEPLY MOISTURIZED, with a rich butter or lotion:


      Extra Dry?? Try lotion layering...treat your dry skin with several thin layers of rich lotion or cream, allowing good absorption between each layer.



      1. Hydrate your skin from the inside by drinking plenty of clean, filtered water.

      2. For added antioxidant and polyphenol benefit, sip on warm, comforting green or white tea



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