Is Grounding Really a Thing?

Love it or hate it, grounding is a simple, no-cost way to boost mood, energy and overall health.

"Grounding" is a term used to describe the benefits of bare feet and, frankly, any exposed parts of your body, having contact with the earth, whether grass or soil. Our bodies are electrical systems, and to stabilize and balance need grounding in the same way our electrical appliances and electronics do. So when it's accessible, taking advantage of it is certainly smart, but for some like me it can also be a reveling experience.  

For us cold-climate Canadians, spring seems to never come soon enough, am I right? And once it's here, the freedom of flip flops and open sandals is joy that only winter survivors can fully understand. 

Now that it's on our doorstep, I'm aching to shed the shoes and get my feet dirty!

Which rather naturally leads me to recommend a few appropriate products!!

For further valuable information on grounding, I’d like to refer you to some reputable sources: 

Here is a link to an excellent video on grounding by Dr. Joseph Mercola, and to several articles from GreenMedInfo, the Science of Natural Healing (articles are in the right hand column on the page, studies findings listed down the center).

My garden awaits!

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