Avocado Love

I used to hate it. Texture. Taste. Thought of it. Not even remotely appealing.

Until by one healthy-food-court-sandwich-accident I experienced it in a whole new way and ever since I'm a believer. Over time, my understanding of all that this power-packed fruit had to offer grew, and with it my love for it. If anything rightfully deserves a "superfood" label, I'm thinking this has got to be it.

  • an impressive array of vitamins and minerals (among them: vitamins K, C, B5, B6 along with some magnesium, iron and zinc)
  • high in potassium
  • high in antioxidants, which protect against numerous ailments in addition to slowing down the aging process
  • fat helps fat - avocado's lipid content makes it an instrument of absorption, helping your body to absorb the fat soluble nutrients of other foods, such as carotenes and lutein
  • helps to retain skin's elasticity
  • so much more, but here's a link to just one of the many available articles on the benefits of eating avocado:

click here for a further discussion of avocado's nutrient composition

Once you develop a taste for this little wonder, you'll find innumerable ways to incorporate it into your daily diet.

Not only will it boost your skin health from the inside out - but this fabulous fruit produces an oil that screams "let me nourish and rejuvenate your skin from the outside in!"

  • fights acne, both preventing and healing
  • so of course it also aids in the healing of other wounds
  • relieves inflammation that comes with various skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis and other rashes
  • may diminish the signs of aging

click here for more information on avocado for skin

Which quite naturally leads me to recommend a few of our products that have avocado oil in their ingredient list!!

Try them out if you never have before and tell us what you think. 

And if you have great avocado recipes you love that you’d like to share with our community (including a DIY face or hair mask 😊), please do!



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