Cookbooks Make Me Smile, Episode 1

A few years ago, my darling husband (I'm sure with a twinkle in his eye) stated that there needed to be a moratorium in our home on baskets and cookbooks. If you were to visit us you'd see why. In addition to those that are in active use, there actually is an inordinate amount of space dedicated to the housing of both. It's rather smile-inducing!!

I don't know if you can relate, but when a beautiful cookbook catches my eye, it's hard to turn away. Either the really old ones printed in Times New Roman font on aging, yellowed pages that bespeak a stove and oven active everyday, with scribbles in the margin in my grandmother's hand (reminding me of her passion to feed her family with health and love), or the new ones replete with mouthwatering photos and brimming with creativity and inspiration.

Almost a year and a half ago I acquired several new-to-me cookbooks. Beautiful in their own right, but particularly special to me because they came from the kitchen of my beautiful cousin who had recently succumbed to hideous cancer. Despite her commitment to healthy choices in her life, the monster was caught too late. In true form she fought long and hard and pushed it back for a while until it finally won. She was a pillar of goodness and kindness that continues to affect the hearts of all who knew and loved her.

So I'd like to share one of those cookbooks with you!

Authored by the clever and creative nutrition counsellors and chefs Tamara Green and Sarah Grossman, The Living Kitchen, healing recipes to support your body during cancer treatment and recovery, is an appealing cookbook born in part out of their own personal stories of family cancer.

In their words, "We've seen firsthand the impact that nutritious food has on helping our clients manage all of these (various health) conditions and improving their physical, mental, and emotional health. For this reason, food has always been at the core of our work." (The Living Kitchen, p 2, appetite by Random House, 2018, ISBN 9780147530639)

Whether you've had or have cancer yourself or have a friend or family loved one who is battling it, this cookbook offers an array of healthy, healing options to cook and prepare. And as I flip through the pages of all the recipes I've not yet made, I'm inspired to keep testing and trying them, feeling confident that the "food as medicine" recipes they've creatively designed will induce smiles of happy and healthy bellies and bodies!

And in answer to your question: yes. Since the "instituted moratorium," the population of both baskets and cookbooks has increased.

In tribute to my fascinating and feisty cousin, April and my equally feisty, one-of-a-kind grandmother, Violetโค๏ธย 

As an end note in case the connection was missed, BEAUTIFUL SKIN is not merely a topically achieved venture (as you may know!).

Much as promoting organic skin care is our passion for attaining healthy, radiant skin, we also understand that it's only one member of the team. Food is another!

That's what this blog's all about (Holistic Skin Health - from the inside out and the outside in). Understanding how inputs both internal and external play important roles in achieving healthy body, mind AND SKIN.

Feel free to join the conversation!

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