Eden Extras - stuff you should know about Eden

Here are a few extra points to be aware of when it comes to Eden Pure Skin organic skin care:

  • ALL our products are GF (gluten free)
  • ALL our ingredients are NON-GMO
  • Our products have a shelf life. Good thing. You actually want your skin care to have an expiry time - just like your food!
    • That means when you get it you've got to use it. If it's something you use sporadically (eg Calendula Moisture Therapy irritated & dry skin relief, your refill bottles of toner, or possibly SunSavvy Face or Body), keep them in the fridge. That will extend their life.
    • Our freshness guarantee is for 6 months from purchase, provided the care instructions are followed to protect from heat, light and water.
    • Be careful not to use expired product. If it smells off, it's already rancid. Using it introduces free radicals to your skin that your body needs to then fight. It's not worth it in the name of "not wasting." 
  • Yes we use preservative. You have to or your products will become a hotbed of bacterial growth. Not good. So we've chosen a paraben & formaldehyde-free preservative called Optiphen Plus that is recommended for natural and organic skin care. Additionally, some of the ingredients themselves have preserving (antimicrobial, antibacterial, etc.) properties to them that help to extend shelf life:
    • vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol, full spectrum, gluten free, non-GMO)
    • essential oils
    • silver
    • pink Himalayan salt
    • and we keep them in the fridge until sold (with a carefully monitored system of ingredient best-before-dates)
  • We use GLASS containers for almost all of our products.
    • We've been stubborn about this for the viability and safety of both product and you, the consumer. Glass is inert and will not leech unwanted chemicals into the product or interact with the ingredients, especially active essential oils.
    • Where we haven't used glass, we've been careful to choose either the more stable, chemical resistant acrylonitrile styrene* (Rosehip Restore in an airless container that makes dispensing easier and allows you to get out all the product) or PP (#5) plastic (Moisture Burst lip balms, Body Fresh deodorant, Blemish Buster stick - more functional for both these products). 
    • We encourage reusing (thoroughly wash out and vinegar glass containers and use them for other purposes around home or office) and/or recycling of all containers and packaging.  
  • Our products are handcrafted in conditions compliant with all health and safety regulations. Each product is carefully monitored to ensure quality control.

    Questions about anything else? We'll do our best to answer. Send us a direct message or leave us a comment.


    *Airless bottles are compsed of AS which is 70 - 80% styrene and 20 - 30% acrylonitrile, for a plastic compound that has similar properties to polystyrene, but higher strength, stiffness and chemical resistance. The airless pumps are composed primarily of polypropylene, with LDPE and silicone inner parts for propellant-free dispensing.

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