Developing a Skin Care Regimen

Whether you're a Skin Care MINIMALIST or like the FULL MEAL DEAL, developing a regimen that works for you is important in helping to achieve and maintain healthy, clear skin. 

Our BASIC SKIN CARE SETS provide you with the basics. We appreciate some might prefer to do less than what these sets offer, but we encourage you to consider them (see our WHY below*):

  • DAILY, Evening:  Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. 
  • DAILY, Morning:  (Cleanse for some). Tone. Moisturize. 
  • WEEKLY:  Exfoliate (1-2 times)

For those who need or want more:

BOTTOM LINE: Find what works best for your needs and lifestyle.

Of course other lifestyle inputs factor in to the health and radiance of your skin as well, and shouldn't be overlooked: clean, fresh, real food; filtered water; fresh air and some sunshine; exercise; handling stressors of life in a healthy way. 

Which leads me to want to recommend some of our favourite local health people who are brilliant and authentically caring in assisting with health concerns and needs:

If you have recommendations for a good reputable naturopath in your area, it’d be great to learn for people in other parts of the country. You can let us know in the comments below.

We'll continue to share posts in line with these ideas in our EDEN EDUCATION section, so would love your input as to what you find helpful or not. Suggestions and feedback always welcome!


WHY These Four Steps as the BASICS?

CLEANSE - because we have to wash our skin! The oils in this cleanser are able to cut through dirt and grease to lift them from your skin and leave it clean - something water alone can't do.

TONE - toning will catch any residual dirt/oil if there is any, but more importantly it acts as a refiner of your pores to close them after the warm water and cleanser has opened and cleaned them out, and as a pH balancer of your skin. This is effective preparation for your skin to receive moisturizer.

MOISTURIZE - whether your skin is dry, normal, combination or oily, it needs moisture. The trick is to use what is appropriate for your skin's needs. Depriving it of moisture will make dry skin drier and oily skin oilier. To keep it supple and nourished, find a moisturizer best suited to you.

EXFOLIATE - our skin cells regenerate regularly, more frequently when we're young, and less so as we age. Gently sloughing off those dead skin cells allows the newly generated skin to be what's showing on the surface, rather than flaky, dry skin. Flaky skin adds to the look of aging and makes it appear dull.

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I have heard wonderful things about your products, via Karen, I am so excited to order a few items to begin.

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