Citrus Cleanse - cleansing lotion for ALL SKIN TYPES



Product Description

Citrus Cleanse is an extra mild, creamy cleanser which gently and effectively removes topical impurities while nourishing and moisturizing.

Crafted with naturally cleansing oils (like coconut, castor and glycerin) that create a slip and slide effect to allow for gentle rubbing which releases the day's build-up without stripping your skin's natural acid mantle. 

If you have a sensitivity to citruses, we have crafted essential oil free Delicate Cleanse for you.

Discounted price when you buy the complete basic skin care set

Instructions for Use

In a circular motion, gently massage a quarter-size amount onto dry face for up to one minute. Wash off with a warm cloth. Follow with Eden Pure Skin facial toner and moisturizer for your skin typeUse every evening and in the mornings as well if toner isn't enough on its own for your skin.

(See video in the image lineup for a walk through on the trick to unlocking the pump!)

 For external use only. Avoid eyes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Protect product from heat, light and moisture. 


natural and certified organic ingredients: distilled aqua, *extra virgin cold-pressed olea europaea (olive) oil, *cocos nucifera (coconut oil), *cold pressed ricinus communis (castor) oil, *vegetable glycerin, vegetable emulsifying wax NF, caprylyl glycol OptiphenTM Plus (paraben & formaldehyde-free preservative), *theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter, silver, *essential oils, pink Himalayan salt. *usually organic or certified organic

Essential Oil Blend

Grapefruit Geranium 


CARRIER and NUTRITIVE oils are the backbone of our products at Eden Pure Skin. We loathe the idea of anything "filler" or "toxic." We encourage you to read our ingredients lists (and, frankly, those of other products whether for topical application or internal use).

Our oils are carefully chosen for each product based on their constituent properties and efficacies for the need that product is addressing. Further, whenever possible, we choose organic or certified organic to have the highest quality we can use for you.

We are careful in our sourcing of ingredients, and in how we handle them in our processes of crafting every batch of product. Cleanliness and temperatures used are carefully considered and monitored in our small-batch productions to be able to prepare high quality, efficacious skin care for you.

While ESSENTIAL OILS have been gaining increasing notoriety and popularity in recent years, it's important to both respect the oils and the strength that is in these essences, and to be discerning of the source and quality of oils purchased and used.

At Eden Pure Skin, we have a very elevated view of essential oils, and are constantly studying and learning more about them - it's a vast discipline. We choose organic, certified organic or wild crafted whenever it's possible, and have also been careful to select oils that have only been cold-pressed, steam distilled or CO2 extracted to preserve the integrity of the product and be as pure as possible.

As a consumer, it's important to understand which are best for you - or if your sensitivities demand diverting from certain or all essential oils. Recognizing that, we have created a line of basic skin care products for sensitive skin that are completely free of essential oils. Other products can be available EO free upon request if needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tracy Bankuti
Citrus Cleanser

This has changed my life:)
I can’t say enough about how happy my face is every day!!!

Marjan V (originally on Feb 26, 2021)

My Mom really loves this cream for her face. She uses it everyday. Our friend told her about your products, we wanted to try your product. We are glad we did. We highly recommend your products.

Thanh (originally on Nov 27, 2017)
A lovely cleanser!

Finally found a cleanser that keeps my skin soft and dewy without stripping away my already dryer skin. It has a lovely scent too. A new favourite cleanser!

Donna (originally on Apr 15, 2017)
I love it. For me it's a 5

I have been using (formerly Jasmine Fresh) Cleansing Lotion for a while now and am hooked. love it's gentle fragrance (not perfume) and how creamy it feels on my face. Plus it leaves my skin feeling soft! I have also started to give this as a gift. It's especially great for the person that's difficult to buy for because most everyone washes their face, right?

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