Add On's - Blackhead Extraction Tool



Product Description

Also known as a comedone extractor, a blackhead extractor can be used to effectively clean out clogged pores of a blackhead or to relieve the pressure of a pimple by releasing its buildup. This design is equipped with both a sharp needle end for pricking the whitehead and the loop end for carefully dragging and pressing out blackhead or pimple. Made of stainless steel.

Instructions for Use

Use with care, being sure to keep the area clean before and after extraction, and only if the blackheads or pimples are ready to be released. It also helps to prepare the area by applying a very warm cloth to draw it closer to the surface and open up the pore to make extraction less traumatic to the area. 

For blackheads, simply drag the loop end over them to release the trapped sebum, wiping away with a soft cloth or tissue. For whiteheads, prick on the outer edge and gently squeeze. Clean the tool after each use with soap and hot water.

Overuse and being too rough can cause scarring, so only use when you really need to. Follow with another cleansing using a toner-soaked cotton pad and application of Blemish Buster treatment stick and/or a dab of Calendula Moisture Therapy cream. Further spot treatments with Clean by Clay detoxifying clay mask will also speed the healing process.

If this is a new tool for you, we recommend searching for more thorough instructions and/or videos that give more complete explanations. Here are some options.



CARRIER and NUTRITIVE oils are the backbone of our products at Eden Pure Skin. We loathe the idea of anything "filler" or "toxic." We encourage you to read our ingredients lists (and, frankly, those of other products whether for topical application or internal use).

Our oils are carefully chosen for each product based on their constituent properties and efficacies for the need that product is addressing. Further, whenever possible, we choose organic or certified organic to have the highest quality we can use for you.

We are careful in our sourcing of ingredients, and in how we handle them in our processes of crafting every batch of product. Cleanliness and temperatures used are carefully considered and monitored in our small-batch productions to be able to prepare high quality, efficacious skin care for you.

While ESSENTIAL OILS have been gaining increasing notoriety and popularity in recent years, it's important to both respect the oils and the strength that is in these essences, and to be discerning of the source and quality of oils purchased and used.

At Eden Pure Skin, we have a very elevated view of essential oils, and are constantly studying and learning more about them - it's a vast discipline. We choose organic, certified organic or wild crafted whenever it's possible, and have also been careful to select oils that have only been cold-pressed, steam distilled or CO2 extracted to preserve the integrity of the product and be as pure as possible.

As a consumer, it's important to understand which are best for you - or if your sensitivities demand diverting from certain or all essential oils. Recognizing that, we have created a line of basic skin care products for sensitive skin that are completely free of essential oils. Other products can be available EO free upon request if needed.

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