All my life I've wanted to try and to make and to do things myself. Starting as a kid I revelled in making people's Christmas and birthday gifts, experimenting with homemade pasta and fresh bread, sewing my own clothes, and crafting whatever else caught my eye to be created. Lots of misses. Enough hits. It fed me to create. Seemed it was in my blood.

I grew up with a health-nut grandma, entrepreneurial Dad, reliable hardworking parents, and a small farm environment that provided much fodder for my creative fires.

So when my poor health and sad, damaged skin returned home with me after an intensive 6 years in Laos, and my sister, RHONDA (she's the one on the left in these two pics!), still in Indonesia with her family, discovered a new "hobby," I was all in. Making soap intrigued me. But FACE CREAM?! We could make our own? We'd know everything that went into it and we could CHOOSE HEALTHY, NATURAL INGREDIENTS that wouldn't compromise our own wellness but contribute to radiant skin from the outside in!

We went to work. She studied with a biochemist expat and his wife, and our years' long ongoing journey of studying, experimenting, testing, studying, learning, creating and teaching began.

Our Dad, the consummate entrepreneur, along with our Mom, cheered us on in our new venture, also helping us nail down our business name of EDEN, later to become EDEN PURE SKIN.

Since 2004 with our husbands, families and friends faithfully behind us, we have roller-coastered together through this trip, struggling through the complexities of starting a business with so little, to offer as much as we possibly could, to meet the needs we saw beyond ourselves. Developing products that reflected our values and passion of PURE, CLEAN and FRESH. Products that say YOU are valued. Because we have always sought to provide what nourishes and cares for your skin with thoughtful formulations, pure organic ingredients, careful meticulous processes, beautiful packaging* and authentic customer care.

Though my amazing sister recently moved on to pursue another love of hers, caring for people through her clinical psychology practice, as a company, we continue to be committed to crafting beautiful, organic, for-real healthy skin care products and to serving you with excellence. 

This is our story. We'd love you to be a part of it! 

Yours for radiant, healthy skin,

Shannon and co.

*Almost all of our products are packaged in GLASS which is inert and will not interact with the ingredients, especially active essential oils, or leech unwanted chemicals into the product. We encourage reusing (thoroughly wash out and vinegar glass containers and use them for other purposes around home or office) and recycling of all containers and packaging.  

Rhonda is married to her husband Mark of 30+ years with three remarkable adult children. She recently opened Rhonda Kotchapaw Counselling and Psychotherapy in their home near Kingston, ON. Shannon is living again in Edmonton and married to her twin brother’s best friend for almost 15 years, grateful for his brains, his brawn and his pure, good heart.