Is Massage Worth It?? - Introducing VITA BELLA MASSAGE

Is Massage Worth it?

I think many of us grew up believing massage to be one of the perks of a large wallet. Go to the spa. Relax. Get a massage. Maybe a facial. Afterwards go out for tea and biscuits with your friends.

Perceptions, however, have been shifting.

The more we come to understand how the body functions, how it responds to stressors (whether negative or positive, physical or emotional or otherwise), and the more we understand how the body is capable of healing itself when given the right environment and interventions, the more open we are becoming to therapies like massage.

Which leads me to my first AFFILIATE INTRODUCTION.

I've known Lynn for a good long time.

Why does that matter?

Because I can tell you with utter confidence that Lynn is a woman of hard work, persistence, consistency, excellence and integrity.

A few years ago, Lynn was redirected in her career - and landed firmly in the massage therapy world. With crazy hard work and dedication, she has equipped herself to bring therapeutic level care to you through the medium of massage.

She has also recently added facial massage to her repertoire, using Eden Pure Skin products. Whether she’s doing facial or body massage, she is conscious to use high quality products.

Servicing clients primarily in Northern Alberta, Vita Bella Massage is located at 4611 - 50 Street, Cold Lake, Alberta T9M 1Y6.

If you or anyone you know lives or visits that area, PLEASE LET THEM KNOW about Vita Bella Massage! The website is:

Here's what Lynn has to say:

Welcome to Vita Bella Massage ... "life is beautiful". Although life is not always easy, it IS a gift, and is beautiful!  So, for those times when life is somewhat hectic and your body/muscles are causing you some discomfort or pain, I would be honored to help you meet your massage needs.

Massage can be effective for treating: injuries, muscle tension, daily stress, etc. and is an important part of helping you maintain your overall health.  Indeed, health IS wealth, and my goal is to be an integral part of helping you reach your goals!  

Whether it be a rejuvenating & relaxation massage, or a therapeutic massage to pinpoint those aching muscles, I invite you to book a massage online. Or, if you have questions you would like answered first, please email me at

I look forward to serving you!

Lynn (Registered Massage Therapist) 

Here's her website again:

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